meet the maker

Disney-inspired cross stitch patterns

jen lawrence

chief creator

I completed my first cross stitch pattern when I was 20 years old. Always tempted by the little kits in the store, I randomly bought one and dove right in. After some comical mistakes (the stitches are supposed to go the same way?!), I fell deeply in love with what felt to me like a meditative puzzle of thread and fabric. From then on, the love affair grew.

A few years ago, I created a cross stitch pattern using graph paper and realized that this process was ideal for my geometric brain. Suddenly, I was seeing everything in blocks and those blocks were turning into creative and cute characters.

Of course, as a lifelong Mouseketeer, I’ve gently dipped my foot into Disney-inspired patterns. What’s life without a little stitch of magic, afterall?

to wonderland + beyond was born of a desire to create magical projects that celebrate the characters, stories, and parks I love. I hope you find pieces of inspiration here.

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